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Peter Demong Ward 14 Incumbent

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Peter Demong is your voice in municipal government

Caring for Your Money


Your Money

During his first budget debates in 2010, Peter Demong made it clear that he would ensure that the $52 million in unused provincial taxes would be returned. His Budget Savings Account has resulted in nearly $100 million in savings, and counting. Here are just some of the ways that Peter is making sure that YOUR money stays in YOUR pocket...

Community Minded


Your Community

Looking out for our little corner of Calgary. Peter Demong is constantly on a mission to make sure those at City Hall don’t forget that the majority of Calgary, like Ward 14, is more than just bike lanes and public art. It is made up of beautiful, peaceful, suburban communities where cars and parking are a necessity, not an option...

Listening to You


Your Voice

Listening to the people in Ward 14. Peter Demong’s monthly Counciltalk public engagement sessions have been copied over and over. Since 2010, Peter has made it a priority to be at community association meetings in the ward. If he isn’t, there is certainly a representative of his in attendance. Peter sets the standard...

You Decide Who Represents Your Interests at City Hall


Your Choice

On election day you're going to be asked to cast your ballot for someone who will stand for you, stand for your family, and stand for your pocket book. Peter has demonstrated that he has a voice and he's not afraid to use it to protect your tax dollars. Come election day, Peter needs your support to keep working hard for you...

tackling the issues

Peter Demong keeps you updated on the latest issues and information


Having had a moment to catch my breath after yesterday's municipal election, I want totake a moment to thank you for your overwhelming support and show of confidencein me. In light of the...

Need a ride to your voting station?

Need a ride to your voting station?

Do you think you will need help getting out to vote on Monday, October 16? We can help!If you need a ride to your polling station on election day, we can give you one. Call Naomi at...

The other guy lives in TUSCANY?!?!?

Peter cares about Ward 14 because it is his HOME! He and his family live in Legacy. Peter grew up in Lake Bonavista. He has lived in Queensland, Deer Run, and Midnapore. He and his wife...

The other guy lives in TUSCANY?!?!?
How do I vote?

How do I vote?

You can cast your ballot for Peter on OCTOBER 16, 2017, by Advance Vote from October 4-11, or by Mail-in Ballot. Visit our VOTING INFORMATION section for more on how to vote.

...a very caring member of our community

He (Peter) is a very caring member of our community, and works like a ... for the best for his Ward.-V. Brissette, Maple Ridge residentClick HERE to see why others think Peter should you...

...a very caring member of our community
Arena Talks

Arena Talks

Let me start off by saying that I believe having an arena is a tremendous benefit to Calgary, and having the Flames around is important too. The question of course is just how much benefit...

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  • Peter is running for re-election in Calgary Ward 14
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