Tackling the Issues

Here are the latest issues that Peter has been tackling


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Having had a moment to catch my breath after yesterday's municipal election, I want totake a moment to thank you for your overwhelming support and show of confidencein me.

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Need a ride to your voting station?

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Do you think you will need help getting out to vote on Monday, October 16? We can help!

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The other guy lives in TUSCANY?!?!?

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Peter cares about Ward 14 because it is his HOME! He and his family live in Legacy. Peter grew up in Lake Bonavista.

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How do I vote?

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You can cast your ballot for Peter on OCTOBER 16, 2017, by Advance Vote from October 4-11, or by Mail-in Ballot.

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...a very caring member of our community

At School

He (Peter) is a very caring member of our community, and works like a ... for the best for his Ward.

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Arena Talks

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A note from Peter about new arena negotiations

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Survey Results! - Please keep the comments coming...

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Peter is always looking for your opinion. He has surveyed Ward 14 on many occasions, and during this campaign is no exception. Here are your top issues:

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Campaign Donor List

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Campaign Donations

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