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You are my employer. This is the point of view from which I strive to conduct my business as your Councillor. To me it means putting your views above those of other Councillors, the Mayor, and everyone else. It means seeking your opinion and letting you be my influencer, not the other way around.

My vision is a Calgary where you don’t pay a cent for your blue cart, where business and innovation can thrive, where Calgarians can see what their taxes pay for, and where we continue to eliminate the red-tape that gets in the way. We are guaranteed to see many new faces on Council this October, and Calgary will be facing many challenges. What I bring to the table is what City Hall will desperately need in light of these changes. I am experienced, thoughtful, and level-headed. As a former small business owner, I know how to manage tight budgets. I have the ability to work with any elected official I find myself sitting next to, and I know how the City works. I encourage you to explore this website to see the evidence.

Serving as your voice on City Council has been my greatest privilege, but there is more work to be done. I am humbly asking for your vote, so we can continue to build Calgary together.

Here for you,
Peter Demong

Important Accomplishments

Budget Savings Account - (March 2021)

Incentivizing cost reduction from administration has long been a problem at City Hall. The Budget Savings Account is Peter’s answer to this problem. It has saved over $750 Million, and counting, so far.


Zero Based Policy Review Program - (December 2019)

Much like its budgets, the City’s policies can sometimes get a little out of control. During just the pilot project for Peter’s “Zero-Based” POLICY review program identified approximately $150 Million that could be freed to inject into Calgary’s economy. There is more work to be done…


Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) - (October 2019)

How do you feel about not paying for your blue cart? Or getting the equivalent of a 5-10% reduction in your property tax bill? Peter has been working overtime to make this happen. It is almost at the goal line, but it needs a champion like him.


Property Tax Breakdown - (November 2020)

A clear and accessible breakdown of where your property taxes go has, somewhat bafflingly, been elusive at the City. Peter envisioned and developed an online resource for taxpayers to see where their money actually goes.


Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons (RRFBs) - (March 2021)

Working with administration, Peter found a way to install signalized crosswalks for a fraction of the old price. Because of him, there are many more safe crosswalks across the City today than there would otherwise have been.


Zero-Based Reviews - (April 2019)

One of Peter’s first contributions was to initiate Zero-Based Service Reviews for City departments. These are ongoing, but to-date the budget savings are in the 10s of millions.