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"Glad to hear Peter will be (running for) council again. Guess there will be changes and new faces, so nice to have someone who has done such hard work and understands the process." Joan K from Lake Bonavista, March 2021

There are not many other Councillors, if any, who can claim to have saved taxpayers HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of DOLLARS. Peter can make that claim though. His Budget Savings Account idea has saved over $700 million in cost savings, and cost avoidance. The Budget Savings Account is not going away either. It is embedded in the City’s budgeting process. There to save hundreds of millions in perpetuity.

Essentially, the Budget Savings Account gives City Hall higher-ups an incentive to do better. It breaks the perpetual need to justify budget asks with last minute spending. It gives managers a place to put their savings to be used for good. The most important part is that every dollar saved by the budget savings account, is a dollar that does not need to come from your pocket. Peter’s Budget Savings Account is a major improvement to the process.

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