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Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons (RRFBs)

March 2021 -  "…Frank and I fully appreciate and support all that Peter has done for our community and appreciate the way he approaches issues in a positive constructive way while also getting or at least trying to get positive results in a timely fashion. Thank you very much again.” Joanne O. from Bonavista Downs

Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons, you can call them RRFBs for short, are basically a better mousetrap, so to speak. They are more efficient versions of your typical lighted crosswalk, that also happen to be much cheaper to install and maintain. That means you can have more of them for the same price.

During his first term, Peter found existing resources (so as to NOT increase your taxes, of course) to fund a pilot program of RRFBs. It was obviously a success. Today many crosswalks that would not otherwise have signals do because of his low-cost solution. In fact, they are a third of the cost of the old signals. They save up to $75,000 each. Considering there have been around 200 or so of them installed so far, you can see the savings here. They have a far higher compliance rate too, and they won the Transportation Association of Canada’s 2015 Road Safety Engineering Award. Peter fights tooth and nail to get them for his communities.

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