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Property Tax Breakdown

November 2020 “I wanted to take a moment to thank you and commend you for your work regarding the property tax breakdown. I read your write-up in the November edition of the Sundance newsletter, and it makes me happy to see you working towards more transparency. One of the best pieces of news I’ve heard from a City Councillor in some time.” – Greg, Sundance

A clear, concise and accessible breakdown of where your property taxes go has for some reason baffled and eluded city hall. That is what motivated Peter to find a way for taxpayers to easily see where their tax dollars are directed. Bringing various City departments together, he found existing resources to accomplish this.

The goal was a tax breakdown, but the result was a much more user-friendly look at the organization through the website. A generic version of how property taxes are spent now comes with your property tax bill too. If you want to see your specific dollar figures you will have to go online though.

Click Property Tax Breakdown to see the real thing. It is your right as a taxpayer. It is also the first step to transparency, accountability, and smart management of the City of Calgary brought to you by Peter Demong.

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