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April 2019 - "Thanks for voting against higher taxes, it’s great to have a responsible Councillor and I really appreciate it.” Richard P., Ward 14

You may have  heard about “Zero-based” this and that recently. What you may not have heard is that Peter was involved in implementing a system of Zero-Based Reviews for all City Departments during his very first term. You would be forgiven for not knowing this if you are not a City insider or running for election, but it is true!
Simply put, a Zero-based review seeks to scrutinize City spending, services, and processes to determine if they are truly NEEDED, rather than working from the spending of the past.  Zero-Based reviews are ongoing, and to date they have resulted in TENS of MILLIONS of dollars in budgets savings at City Hall. It is sensible ideas like this that Peter puts his weight behind, and continues to search for.

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