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Zero Based Policy Review Program

"I just wanted to thank you for standing up for your constituents during this ongoing economic downturn. I realize that you are fighting an uphill battle but I hope that that will change after the next civic election. So, Thank you.” Barb S from McKenzie Lake, December 2019

Policies guide a lot of what the City does, and the City has a lot of them. They influence how the City operates, and that means when they get outdated, or contradict one another, the City is not as efficient as it could be. Even worse, businesses and Calgarians sometimes interact with City policies, which can waste their time and money.

Much like its budgets, the City’s policies can sometimes get a little out of control. Using existing resources (so as to not increase your taxes), Peter worked with administration to develop a pilot project for a “Zero-Based” POLICY review program. Just the pilot project found a policy tweak that has freed $150 million for businesses to reinvest in Calgary. Going forward, Peter plans to expand this program. It is the kind of thoughtful review Peter has been bringing to the City for years, and that we need more of at City Hall.

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