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About Peter

Ward 14 is more than home to Peter Demong, it’s in his blood. He moved to the community of Lake Bonavista with his family in 1978. His father was Judge A.P. Demong, and his mother Diane, homemaker to the family of five siblings. Life was busy and sometimes noisy. Dinner table discussions were always lively and topics ranged from world affairs, current events, the finer points of law and everything in between. It was the humanitarian issues that sparked Peter’s interest in the greater world around him. As a young man Peter learned that making a well-stated argument in a crowd was not necessarily shouting the loudest.

At Dr. E.P Scarlett High School Peter ran for student school Council with the slogan “For Pete’s Sake Vote Demong”!

Exploring Fish Creek, hiking and camping west of town, as well as paddling the Bow River with his friends and brothers were his passions. He loves to make pizza from scratch and enjoys science fiction and “What If” scenarios.

Peter attended MRU, managed Tom’s House of Pizza and then studied Logistics at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology while working at Nose Creek Forest Products for 12 years. It was during this time he met his wife, Naomi. The couple bought their first home, started their family and in 1996 acquired their business of many years, Deer Valley Florist. Peter recalls watching Deer Valley Mall being built as a teenager. He would not have guessed his future life would become so entwined with the shopping centre.

The flower shop became the pivotal point for Peter. With a young family, brought to the forefront were the burgeoning business matters of taxes, local government, community and the economy. Peter became very frustrated when he reached out to local officials for answers and clarity, only to be met with insufficient answers - if any at all. He felt underrepresented and pledged that his office would answer all questions and concerns coming to his office whether by letter, via phone or through email. Peter is passionate about helping people. He understands how things work and is adept at finding solutions through experience and persistence. As time went on, he became motivated to run for City Council and in October 2010 he raised his hand and swore his first Oath of Office.

Since that day Peter has accomplished many things in office including saving taxpayers millions of dollars. You will see how he did that as you browse this website. He is especially proud that he is was the first City Councillor to host regular meetings with the constituents of his communities by hosting monthly Council Talk discussions throughout the Ward. This is just one of the ways he fulfilled his campaign promise to stay in touch with people and keep his open-door policy actually ‘open’. Quickly following was his Ward 14 Communities BBQ to bring people together while raising awareness and funds for Ward 14 community associations and The Calgary Food Bank. And with his love for children he began engaging Ward 14 youth with his Grade 6 Essay Contest that now, after so many years attracts hundreds of students from schools across the communities.

Peters’ work ethic is often remarked on - he is not the kind of “politician” that works for media sound bites, nor a social network grand stander. He works hard and quietly behind the scenes to save tax dollars for the citizens and businesses. And going forward, you may expect this same level of excellence.

Others may ask for your vote suggesting things they “think” they can do but in fact they cannot, or making promises they “may” be able to keep, and telling you things they “think” you want to hear. As you well know, the proof really is in the pudding. Take a look at what Peter has actually accomplished for you. Look at how and where he has saved you money, research his transparency and the issues he continues to work on and consider his diligence in his accountability to you.

In October there will be many new faces on City Council. Veteran Councillors will be needed more than ever because it takes time to actually become effective in this job. Because of that, voters this year must ask themselves if fiscal responsibility and experience matters.

The Demongs have 2 daughters in their 20’s, sold their business in 2015 and have lived in the communities of Lake Bonavista, Queensland, Deer Run, Midnapore and currently reside in Legacy.