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Frank and I fully appreciate and support all that Peter has done for our community and appreciate the way he approaches issues in a positive constructive way while also getting or at least trying to get positive results in a timely fashion. Thank you very much again.

- Joannne O. from Bonavista Downs (March 2021)

It has been a pleasure working with you, Peter, and the team. I wish Peter a successful re-election in October.

- Glenn, Sundance resident and long time Counciltalk participant (February 2021)

Thanks again for helping with our icy LB streets… I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your availability and constant willingness to remedy what you can as fast as you can.

- Patti, Lake Bonavista (January 2020)

Thanks for voting against higher taxes, it’s great to have a responsible Councillor and I really appreciate it.

- Richard P. Ward 14 (April 2019)

I would like to thank you and to express how much my wife and I appreciated your Council talk on Saturday. It was very informative and I was pleased to hear someone express their view on a dollar saved is not put on my taxes.

- Linda N from Lake Bonavista (January 2019)

I just wanted to thank you for standing up for your constituents during this ongoing economic downturn. I realize that you are fighting an uphill battle but I hope that that will change after the next civic election. So, Thank you.

- Barb S from MacKenzie Lake (December 2019)

First thank you for your hard work representing Ward 14 - it must be challenging at this time so please know we do appreciate your time and effort and listening to your electorate.

- Joan K from Lake Bonavista (March 2021)

Thank you for the work that you do!! I appreciate the fact that when I read about city politics your name is not mentioned as a perpetrator of fraud. It seems that now, more than ever we are in need of good leaders. I just want to encourage you to continue what you are doing. If I can pray for you in any way, please let me know.

- Kim B from Midnapore (July 2020)

I attended the Council Talk meeting today. I live in Douglasdale, a new addition for Ward 14 was very enjoyable, and the first time I have met Peter Demong. I appreciated his responses, his occasional candid position. I was no. 1 on the question list and came away feeling there actually is some responsibility in our Calgary Council. Thank you for holding this meeting.

- Ron N from Douglas Dale (May 2019)

I want to start off by telling you how much I appreciate your courage and engagement." "your message of inclusiveness and respect is received well by all”, "I am a big fan of yours and appreciate you being a councillor for our city." "My very favourite thing about you is humility as it is at the core of our cultural character in Canada, please exemplify this trait back to your Calgary community in a meaningful way.

- Mike M. from Douglas Dale (December 2018)