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It was a pleasure to meet you last Sunday at the local festival. You were so kind to offer me a chair, which was greatly appreciated. Next, you had the canopy moved to the group from the Canyon Meadows Senior Residence, who were sitting in the sun. Oh, how they all appreciated the shade, since it was a hot day! Thank you for your kindness to us, we certainly appreciated it and it showed us that you really care about Seniors.

- J.Penner from Deer Ridge (June 2017)

Your proposal for Extended Producer Responsibility seems to me a valid proposal with concrete actions that will result in concrete savings to reduce waste. This is hard work to get something like this done.

- Andrew B from Deer Run (October 2019)

Councillor Demong your long standing position on transparency is greatly appreciated. The Calgary Bid Committee went from being an investigative effort to being a City funded pro bid group. Thank you for taking a position on this that reflects the wishes of the majority of Calgarians.

- W.G. from Deer Run (November 2018)