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The majority of Calgary, like Ward 14, is made up of beautiful, peaceful, suburban communities where cars and parking are a necessity, not an option. Peter is constantly on a mission to make sure those at City Hall don’t forget it. Here is just some of what Peter has done to make sure the needs of OUR communities are being addressed at City Hall:

  1. Dual Right Turn from Macleod Tr to Shawnessy Blvd Improved Flow

    Peter is well known for finding simple solutions to big problems. By removing the concrete island (aka “the porkchop”), and adding a signaled dual right turn from the Macleod Trail off-ramp onto westbound Shawnessy Blvd he has improved traffic flow at this busy intersection significantly.

  2. Oversaw the New Interchange at 162 Avenue & Macleod Trail

    Peter has worked tirelessly to meet the needs of the transportation needs of Ward 14. He has overseen the new interchange at 162 Avenue & Macleod Trail from concept to, now, near completion. He has kept it on time, and on budget. Peter worked tirelessly with the Province so that bridge upgrades on the 22X at Macleod Trail happened as quickly and with as little negative impact as possible, and he pushes hard to speed up the building of the SW Ring Road.

  3. Peter Voted to Protect Existing Communities but To Allow Secondary Suites in New Communities

    Peter believes in protecting the integrity of communities. People buy in established areas believing they will not change drastically. Anticipating that secondary suites would be an issue in Calgary, Peter came up with a plan to introduce them into communities where people would know what they were buying into before hand. He proposed a motion to allow secondary suites in all undeveloped communities, where potential home owners would know exactly what they were buying.

  4. Community BBQ with Peter

    Community associations are the base on which strong governments sit. They are typically the voice through which a community speaks. Recognizing this, Peter has made it a priority to engage with and empower these organizations. Not only does he make attending community association meetings a priority, but he has hosted a fundraiser of them for six straight years now. The Ward 14 Communities BBQ has raised tens of thousands of non-tax dollars for Ward 14’s community associations, added hundreds of new members to their ranks, and has given the opportunity for the tens of thousands of attendees a chance to have a chat with their Councilor. Read more about Peter Demong’s BBQ at ward14bbq.