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Your Money

From his very first budget vote, Peter made it clear that he would not abide frivolous spending. Nothing has changed since then. His Zero-Based Service Reviews have saved TENS OF MILLIONS, his Zero-Based POLICY Reviews have freed well over ONE HUNDRED MILLION for industry, and his Budget Savings Account has saved MULTIPLE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS for taxpayers. With his push for Extended Producer Responsibility, and all the other little things, it is not hyperbole to say you can thank Peter for into the BILLIONS in savings, but there is more to be done. Here are just some of the ways that Peter is making sure that YOUR money stays in YOUR pocket:

  1. Proposed Public Consultation of City Charters

    City Charters have been a hot topic for years now. They could mean more common sense decision making processes for Calgary and Edmonton, but they could also mean new taxing powers. What has been lacking in all of the discussion is the voices of average Calgarians. That is why Peter proposed thorough public consultation about the subject.

  2. Helped Bring in LED Street Lights

    Bringing the common sense approach that a home or business owner would use, Peter played a large role in getting LED streetlights installed across the city. They will save taxpayers $50 million over just the upcoming 10 years.

  3. Give Provincially Collected Oilsands Royalties to Municipalities

    Alberta’s oilsands industry puts tremendous growth pressure on Calgary, and when times are tough it can leave a void that the rest of us need to fill. Peter proposed that some of the provincially collected oilsands royalties be allocated to municipalities to ease the burden that oilsands growth puts on property tax-payers.

  4. Proposed More Efficient Use of Workspace

    Calgary is growing fast, and the need for the City of Calgary to be efficient with its workspace grows with it. Peter asked administration to find ways that it can more efficiently use the office space available at the lowest possible cost to taxpayers.