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Your Money

From his very first budget vote, Peter made it clear that he would not abide frivolous spending. Nothing has changed since then. His Zero-Based Service Reviews have saved TENS OF MILLIONS, his Zero-Based POLICY Reviews have freed well over ONE HUNDRED MILLION for industry, and his Budget Savings Account has saved MULTIPLE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS for taxpayers. With his push for Extended Producer Responsibility, and all the other little things, it is not hyperbole to say you can thank Peter for into the BILLIONS in savings, but there is more to be done. Here are just some of the ways that Peter is making sure that YOUR money stays in YOUR pocket:

  1. Proposed Discounted Single Fare for Seniors

    Not all seniors can benefit from buying a senior’s annual transit pass. They just don’t use it enough. But almost all seniors have fixed incomes, and can definitely benefit from the discount that a specialty seniors pass can provide. That is why Peter bought forward a motion proposing a discounted single fare for seniors.

  2. Savings Through More Efficient Council Meeting Scheduling

    Savings—in terms of time and tax dollars—can sometimes be found in the simplest of places: All you have to do is look. Many groups get involved when Council meets. Administration, the public, the media, and many others all have a vested interest in Council meetings. Everyone’s time is valuable and some of it costs taxpayers money. Peter proposed a motion asking Council to dig deeper for savings by reviewing Council’s schedule.

  3. Full Disclosure on City Employee Salaries

    The City of Calgary is funded with your money, so you should be able to see where it is being spent. Peter has succeeded in having City of Calgary employee salaries disclosed to the public.

  4. Advocated for Green Cart Composting Program

    Sometimes you need to take some flack for doing what you know is right. While some have expressed concern about the city’s plan for the new green carts and composting, Peter has remained consistent in defence and support of this wise investment. Not only will it save on the cost of the overall management of the Calgary’s waste, but it will cut the cost of the City’s water treatment, and produce a sellable product. It also means that more land can be used for the enjoyment of Calgarians instead of as landfills or waste water treatment plants. In the short term the savings will be in the millions; just imagine the long term savings.