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Your Money

From his very first budget vote, Peter made it clear that he would not abide frivolous spending. Nothing has changed since then. His Zero-Based Service Reviews have saved TENS OF MILLIONS, his Zero-Based POLICY Reviews have freed well over ONE HUNDRED MILLION for industry, and his Budget Savings Account has saved MULTIPLE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS for taxpayers. With his push for Extended Producer Responsibility, and all the other little things, it is not hyperbole to say you can thank Peter for into the BILLIONS in savings, but there is more to be done. Here are just some of the ways that Peter is making sure that YOUR money stays in YOUR pocket:

  1. Cut Red Tape Committee Continues to Succeed

    Under Peter’s guidance the Cut Red Tape Committee has evolved into a permanent incubator where innovative, cost-cutting ideas can grow into enduring assets for the taxpayers of Calgary.

  2. Proposed Cost Savings Through Peace Officers instead of Police Officers

    In an act of collaboration, Peter and Councillor Shane Keating proposed cost savings through the use of peace officers to enforce speed limits instead of the higher paid police officers.

  3. Proposed Suspending Public Art Funding

    Peter knows the difference between a need & a want, which is why he proposed a motion to suspend public art funding until the economy turns around.