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From his very first budget vote, Peter made it clear that he would not abide frivolous spending. Nothing has changed since then. His Zero-Based Service Reviews have saved TENS OF MILLIONS, his Zero-Based POLICY Reviews have freed well over ONE HUNDRED MILLION for industry, and his Budget Savings Account has saved MULTIPLE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS for taxpayers. With his push for Extended Producer Responsibility, and all the other little things, it is not hyperbole to say you can thank Peter for into the BILLIONS in savings, but there is more to be done. Here are just some of the ways that Peter is making sure that YOUR money stays in YOUR pocket:

  1. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

    "Your proposal for Extended Producer Responsibility seems to me a valid proposal with concrete actions that will result in concrete savings to reduce waste. This is hard work to get something like this done.” Andrew B, Deer Run, October 2019

    Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a huge part of the way forward for waste management. It is also the way to saving you a ton on your tax bill. No Albertan ever paying for their municipal waste program again is the type of magnitude we are talking about. Simply put, EPR removes the cost of recycling from municipalities, and empowers industry to come up with better ways to do it. It is kind of like privatizing recycling, and it would go a long way to solving some of the very public problems we have had in the past.

    Peter has passed two notices of motion at City Council, and resolutions at the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association and Federation of Canadian Municipalities to promote EPR. He has met with industry, Provincial leaders, and chaired a committee aimed at achieving EPR legislation. He has also proudly brought this idea to his constituents, and asked for their support.

    On March 17, 2021 the Province officially announced public engagement, and a deadline to make EPR a reality. This was a big win, but there is still work to be done. Peter will not rest until this legislation is actually putting money back in your pockets.

    You can learn more by clicking Extended Producer Responsibility.

  2. Property Tax Breakdown

    November 2020 “I wanted to take a moment to thank you and commend you for your work regarding the property tax breakdown. I read your write-up in the November edition of the Sundance newsletter, and it makes me happy to see you working towards more transparency. One of the best pieces of news I’ve heard from a City Councillor in some time.” – Greg, Sundance

    A clear, concise and accessible breakdown of where your property taxes go has for some reason baffled and eluded city hall. That is what motivated Peter to find a way for taxpayers to easily see where their tax dollars are directed. Bringing various City departments together, he found existing resources to accomplish this.

    The goal was a tax breakdown, but the result was a much more user-friendly look at the organization through the website. A generic version of how property taxes are spent now comes with your property tax bill too. If you want to see your specific dollar figures you will have to go online though.

    Click Property Tax Breakdown to see the real thing. It is your right as a taxpayer. It is also the first step to transparency, accountability, and smart management of the City of Calgary brought to you by Peter Demong.

  3. Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons (RRFBs)

    March 2021 -  "…Frank and I fully appreciate and support all that Peter has done for our community and appreciate the way he approaches issues in a positive constructive way while also getting or at least trying to get positive results in a timely fashion. Thank you very much again.” Joanne O. from Bonavista Downs

    Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons, you can call them RRFBs for short, are basically a better mousetrap, so to speak. They are more efficient versions of your typical lighted crosswalk, that also happen to be much cheaper to install and maintain. That means you can have more of them for the same price.

    During his first term, Peter found existing resources (so as to NOT increase your taxes, of course) to fund a pilot program of RRFBs. It was obviously a success. Today many crosswalks that would not otherwise have signals do because of his low-cost solution. In fact, they are a third of the cost of the old signals. They save up to $75,000 each. Considering there have been around 200 or so of them installed so far, you can see the savings here. They have a far higher compliance rate too, and they won the Transportation Association of Canada’s 2015 Road Safety Engineering Award. Peter fights tooth and nail to get them for his communities.

  4. Provincial Tax Room

    Whenever the Province has opted not to take a portion of its share of property taxes Peter has voted to return that money to taxpayers. He voted against the City always keeping unused provincial tax, He voted to give $42 million in 2011 back to taxpayers. He voted to give $52 million back to taxpayers in 2013, and he rallied thousands of Calgarians to let their voices be heard through his impassioned defense of the ‘Give it Back” option.