Your Money

Showing TRUE Fiscal Restraint

Your Community

Looking Out For Our Little Corner of Calgary

Your Voice

Listening to the People in Ward 14

Voting Record

Voting the Right Way Day-in and Day-out


  1. Budgets

    Every year the City sets a budget, which determines your taxes. Peter has consistently voted against increasing budget asks, and the corresponding increase to YOUR taxes.

  2. Secondary Suites

    Peter believes in protecting the integrity of communities. He has consistently voted against the blanket secondary suite rezoning of single-family communities.

  3. Provincial Tax Room

    Whenever the Province has opted not to take a portion of its share of property taxes Peter has voted to return that money to taxpayers. He voted against the City always keeping unused provincial tax, He voted to give $42 million in 2011 back to taxpayers. He voted to give $52 million back to taxpayers in 2013, and he rallied thousands of Calgarians to let their voices be heard through his impassioned defense of the ‘Give it Back” option.

  4. Proposed Public Consultation of City Charters

    City Charters have been a hot topic for years now. They could mean more common sense decision making processes for Calgary and Edmonton, but they could also mean new taxing powers. What has been lacking in all of the discussion is the voices of average Calgarians. That is why Peter proposed thorough public consultation about the subject.