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  1. Proposed Cost Savings Through Peace Officers instead of Police Officers

    In an act of collaboration, Peter and Councillor Shane Keating proposed cost savings through the use of peace officers to enforce speed limits instead of the higher paid police officers.

  2. Proposed Suspending Public Art Funding

    Peter knows the difference between a need & a want, which is why he proposed a motion to suspend public art funding until the economy turns around.

  3. Proposed Saving Anderson LRT Station Parking Spots

    If you live in the south, you know that the LRT station parking spots are in high demand. When those at City Hall proposed reducing parking at Anderson Station from 1800 down to 350, Peter fought hard to achieve a policy of a “no-net loss” parking solution. He also successfully had a motion passed to investigate park and ride locations outside of Calgary, so that out-of-town commuters aren’t also competing for parking spots at LRT stations.

  4. Proposed Research on Innovations Impact on Future City Transportation

    Peter is forward thinking and he can work well with anyone. He and Councillor Evan Woolley collaborated to produce a motion addressing some very important advancements in transportation. Our roads and transit systems are designed for the long term, but inventions like autonomous vehicles could take everything in a completely different direction or possibly even make them obsolete. Peter’s motion asked City administration to investigate the impacts of important new developments in the field of transportation.