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Never in history has this City faced so many obstacles, so many challenges that we must now rise and confront. Calgary is truly at a crossroads of extraordinary proportions and our City Council is going to look very different after October. 

The way forward for those living, working and playing in our corner of this great city will require experience, a clear mind and a steady hand in their representative. Success will come and it starts with listening! Individual Calgarians are the ones possessing rich ideas and the fresh sets of eyes needed to guide us through these rough waters. 

Fiscal restraint is not enough for me. I will continue to quietly hunt for ways through the financials to solutions and tax savings that will ease the burden for tax payers. We must all continue to find ways to do things less costly but better. Just like the pedestrian rapid flash beacons now being used all over the city. Thousands of people have been made safer with this inexpensive solution and Ward 14 led the way. Other ideas from Ward 14 have saved us millions, and we must continually work to provide value for the hard-earned tax dollars collected from those who call Calgary and Ward 14 home!

Having councillors on board after October with knowledge, experience and transparency will be a key contributor for success, not only for the City but for the individual taxpayer. Along with all that, honesty, accountability, and hard work are my commitments to those I serve, not just words on a piece of paper. 

Perseverance and competence will be needed to push great ideas forward and over the finish line. This is exactly what was required in my crucial work to have the Province make Extended Producer Responsibility part of their mandate to deal with the consequence of plastics in the recycling stream. This will result in saving taxpayers the cost of the recycling program in Calgary - $100.00 per household per year, something I will see through to fruition. I am proud of these achievements, but at the end of the day, they both came from the same place, a willingness to hear fresh ideas and the common sense to recognize which are worthwhile.

I have assembled a strong team with a great attitude whose primary mandate is to ensure that your fresh ideas, your concerns, and your values are always conveyed to me quickly and efficiently as possible. These people are dedicated to those in the Ward 14 communities we call home.

In October, voters will head to the polls carrying the weight of exhaustion resulting from a global pandemic, news of economic and environmental stress at every level of government. The way forward requires common sense, fiscal restraint, knowledge, and competence. It will require honesty accountability, and openness. These are all strengths that I have repeatedly demonstrated. A Calgary where you don’t pay a cent for your blue cart, where Calgarians can see what their taxes pay for, and where business and innovation thrive are not just visions, they are goals that I continue to push for and achieve.

The future is undetermined, but one thing that you can be certain of is that placing an X beside the name Peter Demong this October is a vote for stability and common sense – it is a vote for the future!

Here For You,

Peter Demong

  1. Zero Based Policy Review Program

    "I just wanted to thank you for standing up for your constituents during this ongoing economic downturn. I realize that you are fighting an uphill battle but I hope that that will change after the next civic election. So, Thank you.” Barb S from McKenzie Lake, December 2019

    Policies guide a lot of what the City does, and the City has a lot of them. They influence how the City operates, and that means when they get outdated, or contradict one another, the City is not as efficient as it could be. Even worse, businesses and Calgarians sometimes interact with City policies, which can waste their time and money.

    Much like its budgets, the City’s policies can sometimes get a little out of control. Using existing resources (so as to not increase your taxes), Peter worked with administration to develop a pilot project for a “Zero-Based” POLICY review program. Just the pilot project found a policy tweak that has freed $150 million for businesses to reinvest in Calgary. Going forward, Peter plans to expand this program. It is the kind of thoughtful review Peter has been bringing to the City for years, and that we need more of at City Hall.

  2. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

    "Your proposal for Extended Producer Responsibility seems to me a valid proposal with concrete actions that will result in concrete savings to reduce waste. This is hard work to get something like this done.” Andrew B, Deer Run, October 2019

    Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a huge part of the way forward for waste management. It is also the way to saving you a ton on your tax bill. No Albertan ever paying for their municipal waste program again is the type of magnitude we are talking about. Simply put, EPR removes the cost of recycling from municipalities, and empowers industry to come up with better ways to do it. It is kind of like privatizing recycling, and it would go a long way to solving some of the very public problems we have had in the past.

    Peter has passed two notices of motion at City Council, and resolutions at the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association and Federation of Canadian Municipalities to promote EPR. He has met with industry, Provincial leaders, and chaired a committee aimed at achieving EPR legislation. He has also proudly brought this idea to his constituents, and asked for their support.

    On March 17, 2021 the Province officially announced public engagement, and a deadline to make EPR a reality. This was a big win, but there is still work to be done. Peter will not rest until this legislation is actually putting money back in your pockets.

    You can learn more by clicking Extended Producer Responsibility.

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